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We all know that people vary in how much they express themselves and their feelings. Some people can’t help but to be themselves. Transparency is this expression of the true self.
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Obesity affects over 2 billion people globally. The CDC reported that the prevalence rate of obesity in the U.S. reached 42.4% in 2017-2018.
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From posting your workout of the day on Instagram (#BootyGains) to sharing your future plans with your relationship partner (#CoupleGoals), there is a lot of temptation to share your personal goals on social media. 
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In a piece for the NACLA Report on the Americas, The War on Drugs is the New Jim Crow, Graham Boyd wrote, “The war on drugs thus offers seamless continuity with the most shameful episodes of our past.
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A power law is a relationship in which a relative change in one quantity, like length of side in a square, gives rise to a proportional relative change in another quantity (area), independent of the initial size of those quantities.
Ever felt like you knew someone that complained too much? Perhaps you have even considered cutting ties with this person because they always talked about their problems?